Exchange of toys without stress

Exchange of toys without stress

Learn about initiatives that encourage conscious sharing and encourage your child to participate

The Christmas is coming, and it’s likely that your child will gain many gifts. Thinking about it, how about encouraging you to change toys that you no longer use instead of buying new ones? 

This is what Brincou Trocou (2016) and the Quintal de Exchanges (2014) propose, companies that carry out the toy exchange service in order to generate a reflection on consumerism . In addition, children still exercise detachment, negotiation, and sustainability.

Learn how to participate: 


Creator: Daniel Pinho, Manuela’s father, 1 year

How it works?

1º: Make a register on the site and earn 10 virtual coins to test the service;

2nd: Register new toys or in good condition (by the site or app available for IOS and Android) and receive more silver coins for each like you get and the amount you indicate when the product is requested;

3rd: Place photos of the product, a brief description and the weight for the website to calculate the value of the freight;

4º: Choose the toy you want to exchange, make your offer and if you have the quantity of coins needed for the purchase, just click on request;

5th:  The site will send an email to the owner of the toy that will send the sedex to your address;

6º:  After confirming the shipment, the user receives new coins to choose another toy;

How much? 
Who buys the toy, pays the freight. When registering, the site automatically calculates how many silver coins it would cost the user to order a toy.

Security – The user who is sending the toy must inform the data of the shipment to the site. That way, the product will be monitor the site will credit silver coins in his account for new exchanges when the request arrives. 

Donation – If your toy is not requested by another user in 30 days, you can donate it to a partner institution of the site and receive the coins you requested for the toy in order to order another toy on the site.


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